PT. Indonesia Prima Equipment (MitraJCB) Customer Gathering

Before the pandemic hits the world and Indonesia, in 2018 and 2019, PT. Indonesia Prima Equipment (MitraJCB) has been actively holding customer gatherings on a monthly basis in each branch in Kalimantan.   The Customer Gathering became the platform for introducing and promoting the JCB’s products ( Machine, Spare Parts, and Services ) to the customers.  

PT. Indonesia Prima Equipment (MitraJCB)’s Customer Gathering started by presenting the products and the available program.  At the end of the session, there was also a product walkaround where a product specialist would perform a unit tour and explain the parts and functionalities to the customers.

Normally, a Customer Gathering invited around 50 customers from numerous industries.   At the end of each gathering, PT. Indonesia Prima Equipment (MitraJCB) would give attractive souvenirs to participants.  A door prize sponsored by JCB would also be drawn for the lucky winner.