Promoting Products through Unit Demonstration

PT. Indonesia Prima Equipment (Mitra JCB) carried out unit demonstrations for some of the product line up.  The demonstration was performed directly at its customers’ operational location as it helped the customers to understand the JCB Machine’s  optimal performance when the unit and attachment are in synchrony.

JCB Telescopic Handler 541-70 is one of the product line up that has superiority with multiple attachments option.  Some attachments are Fork, Shovel (GP Shovel 1 m3 dan Agri Shovel 1,5 m3), Man Platform, Jib Hook, Multi Shovel and Grain Pusher.  The right attachment allows the unit to operate at its maximum capabilities.

PT. Indonesia Prima Equipment (Mitra JCB) has done multiple unit demonstrations for customers from various industries.   From rubber plantation, shipyard owners, warehouse owners to oil and gas services providers has seen the capability of the products line up.